Google Issues a Panda Weather Report

Here we go again! Google have issued a panda “weather report” warning us that the poor content killing panda is on his way again within the next couple of weeks!

Matt Cutts tweeted:

“Weather report: expect some Panda-related flux in the next few weeks, but will have less impact than previous updates (~2%).”

This coming update will be deemed panda 2.6 and will have less impact than previous updates but it is still nothing to be ignored. The previous updates have gone in this order:

Source : Search Engine Land

This is a good change in Google’s attitude to bringing back weather reports, but if they do become a regular thing it will only be for the important stuff. With over 500 algorithmic changes on average per year some of which are not even noticeable it would be silly of us to expect Google to inform us of each and every adjustment that the make.

So what pre-flight checks can be done to reduce the impact of the upcoming update? Well If you read about panda 1.0 and how to fix your site after it hit then i would say you are already prepared. Remember the point of this update is to get rid of poor quality sites and content farms so just take a step back from the site or sites you’re managing and think is this a good site? Does it contain relevant information around the subject the site is about? Have a look at the back link profile, is there any links coming from sites that are no good? Is it a good user experience? The list goes on….

Good luck, and this time they have publicly warned you.


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